Saturday, March 04, 2006

Get the four squares ready (4cm/4cm), sew them on each corner of the kesa at 5mn from the bottom edge of the frame, stitches should go through the fabric and be seen on the back.

Then you have got left two squares (feet for ties) and 3 long stripes. Get the squares ready, they should be 8cm/8cm.

Fold the long stripes, draw a line at 1cm from th edge then sew and and with a pencil ( or better, using chopsticks, put the fabric inside out so the sewing is hidden, iron).

You have to make a buttonhole at the centre of each square and get the ties inside that buttonhole.

One square is sewn on the front of the kesa at a third of the width from the left hand side at 15cm from the edge. The second one is sewn on the back, two thirds of the width, 8 cm from the edge.

Then make the knot of the front ties as shown on picture.


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