Wednesday, March 01, 2006

In order to make a seven stripes kesa and if your Chu is 43cm:
Length of kesa is 123cm and its width 205cm
Length of the small dandyaku is 23 cm
Length of the big dandyaku is 40 cm

You will need to cut: :

5 patches A: 37cm/35cm
(Width 23+6+6+2= 37
Length 23+4+6+2= 35)

5 patches B: 37cm/54cm

5 patches C: 37cm/52 cm

2 patches D: 35cm/35cm

2 patches E: 35cm/54cm

2 patches F: 35 cm/52 cm

frame: 2 long stripes: 207 cm/ 6 cm
2 long stripes: 125 cm/6 cm

4 squares: 6cm/6cm

2 squares: 10cm/10cm

ties: 2 long stripes 42cm/4 cm
1 long stripe 72cm/4 cm

I generally add an extra cm to every measurement, just in case... I leave it up to you.

You may also put the kettle on...


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