Thursday, March 02, 2006

My body dressed with the robe of the field of happiness
Calmly, I possess the Universe
I stay or leave as it wishes
a pure breeze blows the white clouds
Daichi Zenji


Blogger NickM said...

This is wonderful, Pierre...Thankyou!

6:52 AM  
Blogger Ryan Trusell said...

So far as I can tell from your illustrations, the kesa is one layer of cloth thick, overlapping only at the yo. The robe pictured in your post of 28 Feb, (the purple and blue one) appears to have been pieced together differently. Does it have a separate cloth as backing, or are the yo different cloth. I'm just curious how it was made in relation to the fundamentals you're going over, which I would again like to thank you for. Very interesting.

6:53 AM  
Blogger Pierre Turlur said...

Dear Nickm,

Thank you for your patience and appreciation. I hope that you get all the information you need to start sewing your own kesa. Please, don't be afraid of making mistakes...

8:09 AM  
Blogger Pierre Turlur said...

Dear Bubbha,

In Shobogenzo Kesa-Kudoku (book 1, p.139-140, Cross-Nishijima translation) , Dogen writes:

" There is the robe of separate stripes (katsu-setsu-e), the robe of added stripes (zeccho-e), the robe of pleated stripes (shoyo-e) and the single -sheet robe (man-e)(...)".

The first one (katsu-setsu-e) is the one we are now looking at, it means : "divided and cut robe". You take the same fabric, cut it into different segments and pieces, sew them back together according to a precise pattern. And eventually, add borders and ties.

The one on the picture is a Funzoe (a robe of dirty rags) made of segments of different fabric, with a single backing and yo (stripes) applied on them following the pattern of the first robe. It is a more "advanced" robe for it requires a lot of time and skill. We are now looking at the fundamentals of kesa sewing. later on, I shall explain how to sew a seven stripes robe and a funzo-e kesa.

Thank you so much for your question Bubbha.

Buddha bless Bubbha


8:26 AM  

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