Friday, March 03, 2006

Now comes the trickiest part. In order to put together the frame or border and the body of the kesa you’ll need patience and may be personal guidance. I will try to make it as clear as possible.

Take the long stripes or cuts of 207 cm / 6 cm. Draw a line at 1 cm from the edge for the fold. Draw another line at 4 cm from this previous line.

Put the folded frame on the back of the kesa and sew the top line. Do the same with the 2 other frames and sew them too. You end up with two frames sewn on the back of the kesa as shown on the picture.

You now have to draw a line on both parts of the frame on the front of the kesa at about 4 cm from the angle. Draw a diagonal line as shown on the picture. Leave 1 extra cm and cut the extra fabric.

You just have to fold the fabric as shown on the picture making sure that the length part of the frame overlaps the width.

You may then sew the middle line and the first line. The outer line is already sewn, it was on the back, as you moved the frame on the front it is now showing.


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