Monday, May 01, 2006

Betsy Sterling Benjamin in front of one of her kesa

As I was having a rest in my begging round at the foot of Gingakuji Mountain, I noticed a western woman busy eating a delicious ice-cream. I stopped and we started to chat. Just to discover that she was the friend of Betsy Sterling Benjamin, the famous fiber artist that made seven kesa to celebrate the Millennium. And not only that: Betsy was on her way and would be with us any minute… We had a wonderful meeting, licking ice creams and talking about kesa and the Dharma. My bowl was not even out and she was kind enough to make a donation. See what I mean… following our intuition it was made possible to meet each other, I could share a few moments with a very significant person for a kesa lover like me. What are the chances to meet in busy Kyoto? I let you play with the figures. I don’t play with figures. As much as possible, I don’t scold people anymore. I allow myself to go down the drain of wandering and celebrating life.